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Print Current Response on Survey123 website not displaying related tables and records/attachments in report

Question asked by philipwilson on May 10, 2017

Using the latest version of Survey123 Connect and Mobile app (v2.0), after publishing a new feature service with a new survey, the repeats and attachments of the collected data are not showing up in the Print Current Response under the Individual Response option via the Survey123 website.


Previously attachments/photos were being mixed up between the different sections of repeats (this was reported a while ago and supposed to have been fixed in Esri Australia support case H27G264192), however now no repeats or no attachments are showing up in the report, just the main parent table data and some of the attachments, but all repeats and repeat attachments are missing. The data is in the feature service and the repeats can be viewed and attachments in the correct tables and related to the correct parent records, so it is purely as issue with the print Individual Response option.


Is this a known issue with the latest version of Survey123 and can it be fixed asap, as it is effecting our ability to print out the information collected which is part of our workflow, and currently the Print Current Response is the only easy way for our users to create reports.