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Tweaks to Query Widget

Question asked by mikericcio on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by mikericcio

Hello, I'm trying to tweak the default query widget in the Dev version of the webappbuilder. I'm trying to accomplish two tweaks:


1) Disable the export to GeoJSON and Feature Collection options but I'd still like the ability to export to CSV. 


2) Make searching within a spatial extent an optional part of the query. Ironically, on the portal version of WebApp Builder, the query widget allows you to leave the spatial extent unused and still allows the query to be executed. However on the Dev version, the query cannot be executed unless a shape is drawn on the map. 


I'm guessing these are just config options somewhere in the query widget js files, I'm just not sure where to look / haven't realized I've been staring at them all along. Any help would be appreciated.