ArcMap & ArcGIS Pro Hardware Recommendations

Discussion created by IVL_Schilling on May 9, 2017
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I'm aware that this topic is not installation related as such, but I can't find a better fit...

As I'm about to order/build a new GIS-rig, I'm asking myself and you what would be the perfect setup to work (mainly) with ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro in the (near?) future.


I'm confused about what would be better, higher raw CPU power as in higher clocked CPU's or more cores/threads?

I read that an Intel i7 would not make sense for ArcMap as it does not utilize multithreading!?


For ArcGIS Pro I'm much more in the dark, especially concerning the GPU utilization!


To specify the work I will be doing (all 2D):

-digitizing 30 %

-cartography/layout 50 %

-geoprocessing 20 %


Hope you have some advice!