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select points by distance from another point with the same ID

Question asked by student_93 on May 8, 2017
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Dear GeoNet-Community,


I have 2 point feature classes (FC1, FC2) (saved in the same file geodatabase).

FC1 = villages

FC2 = settlements in villages

Settlements which belong to the same village have the identical ID as the village (which is NOT the ObjectID of a feature in the attribute table).

Now I want to select all of the settlements within a specific distance from a village with the same ID.

I know I can use “Select by location” and “are within a distance…” but then I just get all of the points within a defined distance from a village (independently of the ID).

The problem is there are some settlement points which are within a specified search radius from the village but have different ID.


My idea was:

  1. create a buffer of each village
  2. merge the bufferFC with the FC2 (settlements) through “Join and relates” (“Join attributes by location)
  3. Select by attributes: VillageID = SettlementsID

All of the settlements which are within a buffer and have the same ID as the buffer-polygon (bufferID = VillageID) should be selected. When the buffer polygons overlap, only some of the settlement points are selected.

I have also tried to use some of the Proximity tools like “Point Distance” or “Generate Near Table” and then to join it to one of the FC but this doesn´t seem as the correct solution.


Do you have any idea how to solve this? I am sure there must be a simple solution.

Many thanks for your ideas.