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ArcGIS Pro locks up when you move the mouse right after creating a feature

Question asked by eheinrichs@rmofstanley on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by eheinrichs@rmofstanley

Whenever I try to create a point feature from a MSSQL Server GDB, if I move the mouse within the second or two it takes to actually create the point, it will be stuck on the "Creating New Feature" window. It doesn't actually freeze, but it gets stuck spinning and trying to create the point.


I have to open up the Task Manager and close it from there, since pressing the "Cancel" button essentially does the same thing. 


I have tested it with a local File GDB, and a File GDB on a network drive (both work without issue), so it may have something to do with it being in a SQL Server instance. 


Has anyone else had this problem? Or, does anyone know how to prevent this from happening?