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Dates lose a day when uploaded to AGOL

Question asked by roger.young_TDI on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by roger.young_TDI

When I upload files to AGOL I lose a day on all dates. This happens whether I upload the file as a single shape file or as a service. I've looked at the other questions and they seem to be talking about fields with calculations. These are all historical dates that are already in the file with no calculation needed. They were created from a csv in Desktop, so there isn't any time data in the date (although they do wind up with some default time data that I disable in the popup configuration). I have added fields to the files I already have in AGOL and used the calculation function to add a day. Should I automatically add fields to files I upload to use as calculation fields in order to have accurate dates? This seems a little bit crazy when we're talking about at least four dates for each feature and the data is static.