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Resubmitting surveys from outbox

Question asked by tomhu on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 7, 2017 by tomhu

Hi, the hosted feature layer associated with my survey was working fine but is now somehow missing three question columns (not sure how this occurred I can only think it somehow became corrupted when I was joining the hosted feature layer with a table in Arc pro). Anyway, I have the original survey submissions in the outbox of the app but resubmitting to the corrupted hosted feature layer does not help re-instate the missing survey questions. The survey will re-send OK from the app to the corrupted hosted feature layer without errors, but the associated columns in the updated feature layer do not translate across, those columns are simply not there any more.


So I can republish the survey from Connect to create another 'clean' hosted feature layer, but is there any way to re-publish the surveys in the apps outbox to the new feature layer? Thanks, Tom.