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Date/time field being converted from 24 hour format to 12 hour format.

Question asked by elorenzi9 on May 4, 2017


I am new to ArcGIS, and I have been asked to display the movement of African Waterbuck using ArcMap 10.5. I have data for 21 animals that wore GPS tracking devices for about two weeks. I sampled the GPS readings from each animal at a rate of one hour and wrote this data to 21 .csv files to be included as layers in the map. The .csv files contain columns for the date/time that the reading was taken, the latitude and longitude readings at that time, as well as the readings from the last sample, so a line can be drawn, indicating the animal's movement in that time span. I would like to display this movement using the time slider, so that only the last couple hours of the animals movement are shown at any given time. However, the a few of the .csv files seem to be giving me trouble. For 5 of the 21 files, the datetime field is converted to a twelve hour format and is appended with an "AM" or "PM." This makes it impossible for the XY to line tool to include the datetime column as an ID, so I cannot enable time for that layer of the map. As far as I can tell there is no difference between the formatting of the files that work and don't work, they were all written to by the same python script. I was hoping somebody could help me identify what is different about the files that are being converted to the twelve hour format. I have included one .csv file that is being converted and one that is not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!