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Python Addins fro ArcGIS Online

Question asked by BrokenLegMike on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by rastrauch

Hey folks, my organization has recently obtained subscriptions to ArcGIS Online. My first idea is to build an app with a map and a tool.


Abstract: I have inspectors who work in the field and use iPads for their jobs. About a year ago, I had built a python addin in ArcMap that does some reporting for them, so they are able to use ArcMap to run the addin. Basically, the addin allows them to select a layer from a drop down and then they press a button to initialize the mouse cursor which allows them to draw a rectangle within ArcMap that selects some polygons and provides a report in the form of a spreadsheet.


I got to thinking that I could do that in ArcGIS Online via a webapp. Now, I'm sure it's not as easy as porting my python addin into a webapp directly, but I really don't even know where to start beyond using the App Creation wizard in AGOL to create the app with a map. So I guess if I am asking a question here, firstly, does a tool in a webapp as I described sound doable? If so, can anyone give me a general sense on how or where to start? Can I use my python addin code in the webapp via  ArcGIS API for Python or some other method? Or is it more of a javascript/CSS/HTML type of thing, all of which I have very little experience with. Any help or guidance would be great.