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Restrict data from single feature class for individual state editable feature service

Question asked by brandi_kirchhoff@fws.gov_fws on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by jskinner-esristaff

I have a single feature class that includes polygon data for multiple states.  I want to create individual feature services for each state and restrict the data that is being extracted from the feature class to include only the single state's data.  These feature services will be edited in ArcMap using a GIS Server connection setup in ArcCatalog.  I have created a feature service with a definition query to restrict the data to only the one state and I defined the extent to match the state boundary and when the user brings the feature service into ArcMap, it looks correct.  However when a local copy is created along the state boundary and there are polygons hidden in the view window from an adjacent state, the local copy will include all polygons from both states.  I have tried a test where I enabled the "Ownership-based access control" option in the feature service parameters and any edits made by a state user on an adjoining state polygon (the user would not be the creator of the polygon) are not synced back to the feature class although they could still see the polygons.  Part of the issue with this approach is that I have to use a generic state login (i.e. something like <State>_user) and with the potential for multiple state users utilizing the same login information, the security on the map server is compromised.  Also, if there are any issues with an edit, it is not readily clear which individual user made the edit.  


Is there any way to make a child version of the default parent feature class that is a subset containing data for an individual state that I can then use in each of the state feature services? This way I could sync the child back to the parent feature class.  I could restrict the data with a view, however a view is not editable.  Thank you for any ideas that may work.