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Copying Features to another layer; only one target is available, why?

Question asked by Yellow600 on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 7, 2017 by rfairhur24

Trying to copy selected features from one layer and paste into another layer.  When doing this, i follow the proper steps: 1. go in edit mode of item trying to copy. 2. select features i wish to copy. 3. click the copy button. 4. click the paste button.  At this point the only layer i am able to copy to is the same layer that i'm in.  I have many more layers available with my map, why am i unable to select a different layer.  My coordinate zones match and there is no errors occurring.  see attached...

trying to add some data that i exported as a .shp from Civil 3d and add it to my water main layer in arc-map.  this is the only layer that is available and that is the layer i brought it in on from civil 3d, i need to copy to my Water Mains layer.



Arcmap 10.3