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Bug: Exculsions and Custom Raster Symbology in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by klandon on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by Dan_Patterson
  1. This bug happens when displaying a raster with classify. For manual classification method (ie removed breaks from another methods), the color scheme will not update or reapply. 
  1. This bug happens when displaying a raster with classify. Starting with an automated/calculated method (eg. defined interval) and removing a breaks. The method remains on <Defined interval> and any updates to the color scheme resets the classification and the removed breaks return.
  1. Data Exclusion:
    • Trying to exclude: “-1000 - -70; 0 - 1000”. It only honors the positive exclusion. “1000 - -70” works. Its seems the range can’t start with a negative value.

    • With an exclusion set, switching classification methods sometimes sets the exclusion to “ 0-0” however the breaks tend to honor the original exclusion. Same problem with Jenks. Maybe this just has to do with the negative ranges. No issue with positive exclusions.

    • Applying an exclusion sets the method drop down to blank.

    • Data exclusion “-70” is read as 0-70.
  2. Any change to the raster layer symbology causes the layer to become unselected in the contents/symbology display. It's not a major issue, but annoying to have to keep re-selecting the layer in the table of contents.

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