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Shortlist Story Map Beta Description Hyperlinks

Question asked by justismi on May 2, 2017
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In the Shortlist Story Map Beta banner I would like to add Facebook and Twitter hyperlinks to the description of my map in the form of their icons.  The reason I want to do it in the description is because I am told with the out-of-the box story map hosted in AGOL, the Facebook and Twitter links in this map are not editable; they allow you to share the map but will not allow me to provide my own hyperlink to our own Facebook and Twitter pages through them.  See attached as there isn’t an option to change it. 


The customer would much rather have the Facebook and Twitter icons bring the public to the sites as opposed to a text hyperlink. 


Is it possible to code in the icons?  Example of what description is now:


Be sure to visit our <a href="" style="color: red; outline: none;" target=" _blank">Twitter </a> page for further interaction.