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Collect features by subtype, symbolize by domain

Question asked by Koelker12 on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by ebmoore2_asu

I have a feature class that is broken up into subtypes and domains for each subtype. For example, say I have "Tree" as a subtype fields, and then the next field points to a domain specific to that subtype with values like "Oak", "Cypress", "Palm" etc. When I'm in the Collector app and want to add a new point, you get your list of subtypes (Tree, Bush, Grass, etc) to choose from, and the points are symbolized based on those subtypes. However, I'd like to symbolize points based on the specific domains, (Oak, Cypress, Palm, etc.). The problem here is that symbolizing by domains means that when I go to collect a new point I have to scroll through a cumbersome list of species types like (Oak, Cypress, Palm, Mulberry, Azalea, Bluegrass, Milkweed, etc etc) just to get started, instead of a nice short list of: Tree, Bush, Grass. This also causes my subtypes to be listed by their numeric codes -- instead of their string descriptions -- when entering data into the fields. 


Is there a way to symbolize the points based on their domain values, but collect in the app based on subtype?