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Height/Width of Callouts

Question asked by wguidry on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by wguidry

I was able to combine the examples for displaying callouts and identifying graphics to display a callout when I click a graphic on the screen with the idea of showing some of the attributes of the graphic. I'd like it to be formatted on multiple lines so I added a few newline characters on the items in the string I'm passing into the callout setDetail method.


If the Callout is set for Auto Adjust Width, the Callout displayed is very wide, but the height is very small which some of the text runs past the bottom of it.  I'm not sure if auto adjust is getting tripped up by the newline characters or something else is happening.


If I turn Auto Adjust Width off I don't see any properties that allow me to set width/height manually on the Callout. Is there someway to manually adjust the width/height of callouts or get it to auto adjust correctly?