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AGOL - Attachments not saving

Question asked by djourney_MurphyTX on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2017 by KGerrow-esristaff

I am the administrator for an organizational ArcGIS Online account.  I have a hosted feature layer that is not shared, but is used in an asset management program that is an ESRI affiliate - Cartegraph.  This hosted feature layer has 'Enable Attachments'.  If I open the hosted feature layer in Map Viewer, go to configure popup, the option to show attachments as links is checked.  So if I open the table, hit Add under 'Photos and Files' and upload a photo (~400 KB; jpeg) from my local machine, the upload will be successful - but the photo is not there, even more if I refresh it goes back to showing '(0) Add' as if I never uploaded the attachment.


I've also tried Managing Attachments in ArcGIS Pro for the same hosted feature layer.  I'll add in the image and it will be in the pop up as a link that I can click, and the image will open... but if I refresh... it's gone.


Any ideas?  I'm completely stuck on how to upload these images for my hosted feature layer!