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Updating SRID values used by Feature Classes

Question asked by boyle.matt on Apr 28, 2017
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I have noticed since upgrading to ArcGIS 10.4, the SRID values of our feature classes have changed.  All of our production feature classes use NAD 1983 (2011) Iowa State Plane North and are managed in SQL Server 2014 Standard using Geometry as the shape.  The SRID for this spatial reference in 10.3 and prior is 103045.  Starting at 10.4 the SRID is now 6463.  Granted, our end users will never know the difference, and all the properties of the spatial reference are identical.  However, I notice a huge difference when trying to run the same spatial queries within SQL Server that use multiple tables, most notably, for those feature classes that are created in 10.4, trying to apply the same spatial query doesn't work at all because the SRID value of the feature class created in 10.4 is different from those created in previous versions.


Below are examples trying to execute an intersect spatial query using a point feature class created in 10.3 (103045) and one created in 10.4 (6463) against an underlying polygon feature class created in 10.3 or prior (103045).


Is there any way of updating the SRID of a feature class without having to re-create the feature class in a current version?  This wouldn't be too terrible except any relationships based on Esri system fields, for example, the GlobalID field when using attachments, would be very difficult to re-create because they would be re-generated for the new feature class.


One of the benefits of us maintaining our data in SQL Server is the ability to do these type of spatial queries within the database.  By having multiple SRID values for the same coordinate system, we are losing the ability to run these types of queries.


Both feature classes (point shown below and underlying polygon) both have 103045 as SRID --- values are returned in the spatial query where features intersect



Same point feature class, however, created in 10.4 with SRID equal to 6463 and underlying polygon in records are returned