CopyLocal True?

Discussion created by rlwatson on Nov 16, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2010 by rgottschalk-esristaff
I am working on migrating a large application from 9.3.1 to 9.4.

All my references to ESRI assemblies are not version specific.

What I noticed was that, after moving to 9.4, that many of my projects ended up with ESRI assemblies that had CopyLocal set to True.  That confuses me because the ESRI assemblies are in the GAC.

After investigation, what I found out is that:

1) This occurs if the .NET target framework of the project is 2.0 (not 3.5)
2) It occurs for ESRI assemblies that are in GAC_32, i.e. most of them in 9.4
3) It does not occur for ESRI assemblies, e.g. ADF, that are in GAC_MSIL

Any insights into what is going on here?