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Labels of map service turn whitish on black background

Question asked by jayanta.poddar Champion on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by jayanta.poddar

Hello Friends,


I have created a simple map service with various point features (symbology= NoColor) with labels. This map service needs to be opened in a software with black background. But the labels are turning whitish (blurry).

I can also reproduce it in ArcMap with black background (when ImageFormat is PNG24 or PNG).


The issue can be resolved in ArcMap by changing ImageFormat of the Map Service layer to PNG32 (Layer Properties > Advanced Tab).



But in the other application that I have, I cannot change any ImageFormat property.


Fonts used for labeling is Ariel. No other effects have been used.

While publishing, I have kept the default anti-aliasing (Text Anti-aliasing = Forced). Is this going to have any effect on the behavior of the labels? Only Mapping capability is enabled. The map service is dynamic.

Is there any way I can have proper display of labels (Map Service) on black background for other ImageFormats as well?


I am using ArcGIS Desktop/Server 10.3.1.


Thanks in advance!!!