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Track Idle Detector Does Not Work 10.5

Question asked by tibalesdev on Apr 28, 2017

I am running Windows Server 2012 R2 and have had many problems with GeoEvent since I upgraded to 10.5. First, I could not update a hosted feature service and spent many hours (3 weeks) trying to troubleshoot it, however, patch 1 fixed that issue. Now, testing out notification alerts based on an idle time is not working. this same test worked in 10.4. 


Is there another bug or am I missing something. My model is as follows


1) Poll a feature service every 10 seconds

2) Connect the idle detector - set on continuous with max idle of 300 sec

3) Email notification


- Esri I need to know if there are more bugs in the new 10.5 version. I moved from Server for Workgroup 10.4 to Enterprise Server 10.5 so I can't go back. I am also worried that if I spend the time creating custom processors that they won't work either. Please look into this or can someone tell me what I am doing wrong.