Local Locator includes Streets in Suggestions

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We are building address search with auto suggest using v100 UWP. We are using a local locator.


We noticed that Streets are returned when we request a Suggestion from the LocatorTask. By this, I mean streets names without street numbers (e.g. 103rd St., 104 St.). We also see addresses in our Suggestion list (i.e. street number + street name).


The presence of Streets in Suggestion results causes a downstream issue because these Suggestions don't geocode. So, the user sees streets in the Suggestion list, but if they tap on one of these street names, they don't get a GeocodeResult, i.e. they don't get a 'hit'.


We have done a lot of checking client-side, and in the back-end locator configuration and data as well. Is there a way for me to filter the suggestion list in the client by type of suggestion? My first instinct is to somehow remove the 'Street' entries from the Suggestions... Does the behavior I described point to an improperly configured Locator on the back end? Any ideas how to continue narrowing this down? I haven't been the hands-on person in Desktop, is it possible to test Locator Suggestions in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro


Screen shot here:


Locator Sugges