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ArcPy COGO settings

Question asked by lenjac on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by SalmonArmGIS

Greetings.  We have legacy ArcGIS VBA code that takes COGO ground to grid correction factors (Direction Offset and Distance Factor) from a database and inserts them into the Edit Properties using IEditProperties2.  I am porting the tool to ArcPy in 10.4.1.


I have no trouble getting the fields from the database but I see no ArcPy method/interface to update the Edit Properties that VBA refers to as .DistanceCorrectionFactor and .AngularCorrectionOffset.


In addition to the Editor-Options dialog, the COGO Ground to Grid Correction tool is another way to enter the 2 settings, but as I understand it toolboxes can be automated in arcpy but not tools.


I’m pretty comfortable in Python but can’t find a way to set these edit environment settings.  Any ideas?


Old VBA code snip attached.