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Optimizing Image Segmentations in ArcGIS?

Question asked by JohnWallX on Apr 26, 2017

I am new to image classification and would like to know about optimizing image segmentation within ArcGIS. From what I have read, image segmentation is possible with the Segment Mean Shift tool in ArcGIS 10.x, but I have not been able to find anything mentioning how one determines optimal segmentation has been reached. One article I found developed a method for identifying optimal segmentation by minimizing local variance [1], but it is not within ArcGIS (or any other software I have access to). Assuming minimizing variance within a segment is considered optimal segmentation, is this possible within ArcGIS?


[1] Drǎguţ, L., Tiede, D., & Levick, S. R. (2010). ESP: a tool to estimate scale parameter for multiresolution image segmentation of remotely sensed data. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 24(6), 859-871.