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Error Code 400 and 500

Question asked by leonhard.stoeckle_AED_SICAD on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by leonhard.stoeckle_AED_SICAD

Hi there,

I set up a portal for arcgis and tried to publish a survey but I get the errorcode: 400. If I try to fix the error by deleting the folder in my portal the error code 500 (Internal server error) appears.
My survey is a simple test file without anything in it except the default "example-field".


Next thing is: I got a feature service on my portal and want to publish a survey based on it. When i try to use its design in survey123 i get an "feature service error". The same error occurs when I try to create a survey from any other example feature service listed.

Is there something in the settings of my feature service that might cause trouble with survey123? If so where do I fix it? I enabled the function "Feature Access"  for the service in my Server Manager.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: The log-files of my server. Check out the data for the 28. April.