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How to connect pixel values from raster data to a point shapefile?

Question asked by thoelen_uwi on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 7, 2017 by thoelen_uwi

Hey, I am kind of new to ArcMap Desktop and I have a problem at the beginning of my studies:

I want to look at global data of a parameter which for the analysis I want to connect to the water depth at each point.

So far I have a raster map with the bathymetry of the world. In each pixel value I find the depth or height of that coordinate. Then I have an excel file with my over 200000 data points I want to analyse. I loaded my excel file into ArcMap via Add X,Y Data.

Now I got my point shapefiles of my parameter on top of my raster map with the pixel value I need.

How can I connect, join those values?

Or is there any other way of getting the bathymetry of the ocean connected to my parameter with coordinates in my excel table??