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In the Crowdsource Polling App is it possible to collect comments via a related table using ArcGIS Desktop Basic?

Question asked by vande1 on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by AMuise-esristaff

I'm attempting to create a crowd-source map application that allows users to comment on individual features.


In doing so, I've been trying to follow the instructions for how to set up a related geodatabase table to collect comments, as described in this link: Create Crowdsource Polling Layers - Crowdsource Polling | ArcGIS for Local Government 


I am using ArcGIS Desktop Basic, which doesn't allow me to create relationship classes. I created and populated a Global ID Field for the feature class layer. In the separate empty table I created a field with type "GUID" , along with a string field titled "comments". I 'related' the two in ArcMap by right-clicking on the feature-class layer and relating it to the table based on the Global ID and GUID fields.


I then zipped the geodatabase (though I'm uncertain if this 'relate' was saved in the geodatabase or just in the instance of ArcMap), and published it to my ESRI Online Account. From there I added the geodatabase to a Map, tweaked the pop-up configurations of the feature class and table, saved the map, and published it to a CrowdSource Polling app. The app lets you click on the individual polygon features and pops up the configured fields that exist within the feature class itself, but no empty comment field appears in the right-hand popup box that allows users to submit comments.


I'm also unclear if the geodatabase table should be totally empty except for the configured fields, or if it should have one matching empty row/record for each feature in the feature class layer (related by way of a matching Global ID field).