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Print Task For Public IP

Question asked by Nadir_Hussain on Apr 26, 2017

Dear all,


i have two arcgis is installed on my local machine.Other is on our production server.

Below is my code for print button. = false; = false; = "http://machineName/Proxy/proxy.ashx"
var url ='http://MachineNAme/arcgis/rest/services/Utilities/PrintingTools/GPServer/Export%20Web%20Map%20Task';
var printTask = new PrintTask(url);
var template = new PrintTemplate();
template.exportOptions = {width:1000,height:400,dpi: 96};
template.layoutOptions = {
titleText: "Mosques",
scalebarUnit: "Miles",
authorText: "Made by: Esri's JS API Team",
copyrightText: "<copyright info here>",
legendLayers: [],
template.format = "PDF";
template.layout = "A3 Landscape";//"A3 Portrait";//"MAP_ONLY";
template.preserveScale = true;

var params = new PrintParameters(); = map;
params.template = template;
//printTask.execute(params, printResult);
printTask.execute(params).then(printResult, printError);



function printResult(result) {, "_blank")
function printError(error) {



when i use localhost instead of machine name in works properly.even in proxy i use domain url of production server.But when i use print task url of production server it throws me error.that is given below.

Error: Unable to complete operation.
at Object.g.load (
at c (
at d (
at a.Deferred.resolve.callback (
at c (
at d (
at a.Deferred.resolve.callback (
at n (


i could not understand. 



when i press this give me the attached file means network works why not response came.


or y not my print work for public ip.My arcgis server is on domain network.