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How can I access a version on a renamed feature class?

Question asked by deleted-user-zpcJw1u0IXiO on Apr 26, 2017
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A colleague made many edits in a version of the parcel feature class a year ago before retiring. Since her departure the version was left untouched, but the feature class was renamed after being moved out of the feature dataset, where it was replaced by an XML Workspace Document from another server. Today we tried viewing her version, but could see no difference between it and the default. This must be because the feature class is not the one she worked on. But by loading the copy of the original into ArcMap and changing to her version, we see no difference. I suspect that copying a feature class leaves its versioned edits behind, so we fear we have lost her work. What (if anything) can be done to see the versioned edits? Maybe only by a database backup from that far back? I'm looking for ideas.




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