Simple reason to avoid ArcGIS Pro-

Discussion created by t.faull on Apr 26, 2017
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It's too slow.


The system requirements are too high. The program installed for me (just!) but using it is a jumpy, laggy experience. For geospatial analysis and editing, you need something quick and snappy. Pro (1.4.1) just isn't that.


I'm not in a position in my office to request having more RAM, a new CPU, graphics card etc. so I'm stuck.

I've change all the display options for best performance and it's still too slow. Here is my Shift+E readout:



Pro needs moire customising options relating to performance vs quality (one example off the top of my head: remove the glowing outline fade after editing a shape. Instead just have it change instantly.)


ArcMap 10.4 runs fine, using the exact same datasets. Other software runs fine.

I get that ESRI are going for a more flashy and graphical interface, but at the cost of slower performance? That shouldn't be the case...


My specs:

Windows 7: