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4x: How to manually place an Expand in its container?

Question asked by vandervoort on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by efkopru
   var searchWidget = new Search({
     view: view

   var expand = new Expand({
     expandIconClass: "esri-icon-search",
     view: view,
     content: searchWidget
   view.ui.add(expand, "manual");

By default the Expand gets placed in the upper-left corner, flush with the content of the container. I want to place the Expand someplace else (e.g., flush with the left side of the container, 300px from the top). I assume I can do it in a style, however I cannot create a class and set the location properties of the class.  I can a handle on the element. I can inspect it in the debugger. But I cannot change the location properties of the element.


Any help please. A clue. Anything...