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how to build raster from multidimensional .dat files

Question asked by aariel22 on Apr 24, 2017
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I have a series of .dat files (over 2,000 layers) that represent a number of different variables on cells in a grid (depth, current direction, magnitude, u and v vectors of current speed).  There is a separate file for each month of each year for several years.   Each text file has the data listed out for a grid 126 cells wide and 121 cells tall.  There is a file with the latitude, then a file with the longitude, and another for each variable described on this grid.

I would like to convert this data to a raster.  

I first imported the data to excel so I could see how it was formatted.  If the data were in a single column format, I would be fine, but I am not sure how to shuffle together the matrix.  It seems that I need to call the lat, long, and other variables from the same cell position for all of the files to build sets of rasters.


I am not sure that arc can do this.  Maybe I need to figure this out in Python or R to get the data into a format readable by Arc.  Arc seems to only read GRIB, netCDF and HDF type of multidimensional data sets.  Perhaps I can just write a header so that the data can be read properly?

Thanks for any help.

Aariel Rocha


To illustrate, this is the first 4 columns and rows from each dataset so that the lat and long for cell A1 has to be found in two different text files:

the longitude dataset:



The latitude dataset: