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How can I georeference a 3D model in ArcGIS?

Question asked by Geo_5_SS17 on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by jobert


Hello there,


I found this nice 3D-model of a temple in Myanmar in Google Earth.



The model can be downloaded here as a *.skp file. Now if I want to import it into ArcMap or ArcScene I have to create a Multipatch from the .skp first, which I already did. Beforehand I had to safe it as the earliest .skp version available so the Import 3D Files Tool in ArcGIS would work correctly. 


My problem is that the newle created file of course has no coordinate system defined. Nevertheless it is displayed more or less correctly in ArcMap and after I moved it to the right spot on the map it looked like this:



After I saved the file, it was displayed like this everytime I loaded it into ArcMap. Now my problem is, that I want to use this model in ArcGISonline and when I try to upload the *.shp to my contents the page tells me, that the file has no .prj and I need to set a Geographic CRS first. But when I do so in ArcMap the model isn't displayd correctly any more.


Do you guys have any idea on how to make this work?


Thanks in advance!