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Adding parameters to WAB print widget

Question asked by jeff.pace on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by rscheitlin

I am having trouble adding a custom parameter ( not a customtextelement) to the WAB print widget. 


I have added 

To my arcpy script, and published it.  However when i load the script as the path in the WAB 2.4 print widget, i get


And the user cannot set the new parameter value.


The ?json response of the script does include the parameter, so i can't figure out why it doesnt display.  It also does not display in the WAB print widget config dialog


{  "name": "Script",  "displayName": "Script",  "description": "print test",  "category": "",  "helpUrl": "",  "executionType": "esriExecutionTypeSynchronous",  "parameters": [   {    "name": "Web_Map_as_JSON",    "dataType": "GPString",    "displayName": "Web_Map_as_JSON",    "description": "print test",    "direction": "esriGPParameterDirectionInput",    "defaultValue": " ",    "parameterType": "esriGPParameterTypeRequired",    "category": ""   },   {    "name": "Format",    "dataType": "GPString",    "displayName": "Format",    "description": "format",    "direction": "esriGPParameterDirectionInput",    "defaultValue": "",    "parameterType": "esriGPParameterTypeOptional",    "category": "",    "choiceList": []   },   {    "name": "Layout_Template",    "dataType": "GPString",    "displayName": "Layout_Template",    "description": "layout",    "direction": "esriGPParameterDirectionInput",    "defaultValue": "staffmap",    "parameterType": "esriGPParameterTypeRequired",    "category": "",    "choiceList": [     "staffmap"    ]   },   {    "name": "Output_File",    "dataType": "GPDataFile",    "displayName": "Output_File",    "description": "print test",    "direction": "esriGPParameterDirectionOutput",    "defaultValue": null,    "parameterType": "esriGPParameterTypeRequired",    "category": ""   },   {    "name": "Include_Attributes",    "dataType": "GPString",    "displayName": "Include_Attributes",    "description": "include_Attributes",    "direction": "esriGPParameterDirectionInput",    "defaultValue": "False",    "parameterType": "esriGPParameterTypeRequired",    "category": "",    "choiceList": [     "True",     "False"    ]   }  ] }



Any Help would be appreciated.