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Can Data Reviewer Compare CAD vs. GIS features?

Question asked by larry.gaudieri.hc on Apr 21, 2017

I have a near 'survey-quality' CAD repository representing our county right-of-ways. Years ago, in haste, our GIS team was tasked with quickly converting them into polylines. This has served for a long time as the standard within the county.


However, our surveyors continue to adjust, correct and revise their CAD files. And...the previous effort by our GIS team allowed for individual assumptions on many of the areas that weren't cartographically 'pleasing' resulting in many areas that disagree with what are established by record, deed, plat, etc. 


We are now developing a project in which to reconcile the two data sets but the CAD files are broken out by section (resulting in about 1,000 files) and would require a line-by-line review. Can Data Reviewer help to automate this?


Thanks for any help.