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Control for Podium and Tower

Question asked by abhishek.sobbana on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by dratnay


I trying to Build a rule where I have a Podium and a Tower over, for which I am trying to split a plot based on FAR and ground cover. But my building is splitting in two rather that coming one above each other.Podium and Tower


My Code:

   extrude (world.y,h)

   extrude (world.y,h)

Colorize -->
   color ("#ffffff")



DevelopLot -->
   case Zoning == "HRCommercial" : HRCommercialLot
   else : OpenSpace
Lot -->
   split(x) {'(0.6*GCover): Tower (((floor((SiteArea * MaxFAR)/(0.6*GCover* SiteArea))+(PodiumFloors))*TowerFloorHt))|'(1-(0.6*GCover)) : Podium (PodiumFloors*PodiumFloorHt)}

OpenSpace --> color("#77ff77")


I want to have enough control to be able to place the tower any place over the podium(eg. corner or center), which I am unable to do. Is there a way for me to have this kind of control over the placement of the tower and also controlling the FAR for tower and podium differently.


Thank you