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How can I authorize Personal SDE with Desktop Advanced w/concurrent license manager?

Question asked by rastrauch Champion on Apr 20, 2017
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With the possible move of our Enterprise SDE to a remote location (from where we do edits), I'm trying to test options for two-way replication (check-out adds 2 hours of validation each time).  I can not use Workgroup SDE since that requires being installed on the ArcGIS Server machine, which is destined to be moved to the same location.  So I am working on installing and testing the Personal SDE.  


Per the help, this should be able to be authorized with a Desktop Advanced (ArcInfo) license, we I have.  However, the license is in a concurrent license manager. 


I messed up and authorized with my EDN (which does not include Desktop) but I'm now getting errors.  I was going to try to reauthorize it andI was finally able to find the the "SoftwareAuthorization.exe" in C:\Users\<user>\Documents\ArcGIS 10.5\Database_Server_Workgroup\64-bit which sounds promising, but I'm not sure what/where to find the code it might want.


My Desktop is 10.3.1, but our enterprise (parent) ArcSDE will be SQL 2014, and for ArcSDE 10.5.x (although could keep it at 10.3.1 if needed).  I took the install from myesri 10.5 download, which might be an issue and I may reinstall to begin with.


Q: What keycode/authorization should I use to authorize a Personal SDE using Desktop Advanced 10.3.1/10.5 ?


ArcGIS Desktop Installation support


EDIT: btw, I have already looked at Personal SDE   and thinking about uninstalling and starting over (maybe next week).  That may resolve my problem, but I have to "update" it for 10.3/10.5 since it is for earlier versions and the actual install is slight different. Also have looked at the help

Set up a database server—Installation Guides | ArcGIS Enterprise 

Update license keys for database servers and their geodatabases—Installation Guides | ArcGIS Enterprise 

and have a call into tech support (not finding anyone that can answer the question yet)