Ellipse Calculator Processor workaround in GeoEvent?

Discussion created by anders.jensen on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by brysageek

I have filed this BUG (BUG-000099124 ) some time ago, and I am wondering if anyone has a good workaround until someone fixes it? Basicly the problem is that Ellipses created as an output when using the Ellipse Calculator Processor have the same size, shape, and angle of rotation when the values of the 'Major Axis Source', 'Minor Axis Source', and 'Rotation Source' properties are set to 'Event'.

In my case I am collecting Lightning strikes, and they have a position that is within a given area described by an Ellipse. I would really like to visualise this Ellipse "on the fly" with GeoEvent, but this bug is stopping me for now....