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Versions, Deletions & Parcel Locks....oh my!

Question asked by bc1565 on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by fellj

We have been working in the parcel fabric for a couple years now. We use versioning and have 6 editors doing parcel maintenance. I am one of the 6 but I also check the fabric for things like missing start/end dates, construction polys left in the fabric...things like that.

Lately, even after a version has been posted and deleted, when there are polys that need to be deleted and I attempt to do so I get an error stating the parcel is locked but it doesn't happen to all polys. I have been able to delete some. These versions have been posted & deleted at least a week if not a month ago. Right now I have about at least 60 polys that need to be deleted. To keep them out of the active parcel fabric I can make them historic. I can also edit their attributes, but I cannot re-join them nor can I delete them.

Does anyone know why that would be? I understood that once a version is posted those parcel locks are supposed to disappear. (Still true if the version has not been deleted right away?)

Also I believe that some of the editors post their version, hang on to it and delete it a couple days later. Could there be some sort of interference with posting a version but keeping it around in the version manager for a couple days longer?

I know one editor, when she couldn't delete her parcels, created a new version with the original version name, reconciled and posted then deleted that version and started a new one but was still unable to delete her parcel(s) - now part of the 60.

I'm stumped! I hope someone has a clue for me that I can chase to figure out why this is happening.