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How to use Add Attachments tool to add attachments to AGOL replica

Question asked by aleuthard on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by KGerrow-esristaff

I have a Feature Service in ArcGIS Online.  It has attachments enabled.  I can create a local copy and add attachments to the Feature Service using the Attachment Manager in an edit session.  I can successfully sync that copy with the AGOL service and see the attachments online.


I have about 1000 attachments to add.  I've created a match table to add those attachments.  When I run the Add Attachments tool with my local copy of the feature service in an edit session, I get the following error:


ERROR 001602: fsD8512A816DB3409B8171CAD448C521FE.gdb is being edited.


When I run outside of an edit session, the tool runs successfully, but no attachments are made.  The Match Table has 2 fields: a MATCHID field with the OBJECTID of the rows that I want to add and a FILENAME field with the paths to the files I want to add.  The files are there and can successfully be added using the Attachment manager in an edit session.  The MATCHIDs and OBJECTIDs match up.  I can see no reason that this shouldn't be working.


I actually pretty sure I'm doing this correctly.  I really want to know if anyone has successfully completed this process; namely adding a list of attachments to a ArcGIS Online Feature service in bulk.