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IGeoDataServer.CreateReplica How to download directly to a file geodatabase

Question asked by mjk5000 on Apr 18, 2017
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I am creating a disconnected checkout replica using CreateReplica on my PARENT Geodataserver, then Importing into a CHILD geodatabase.  My customers will be replicating from my PARENT Geodatabase to locations worldwide and I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of doing this.  I have went through every option available for CreateReplica and cannot find a more efficient way then this below.  It seems to take forever for the import to happen.  It takes me over a minute and I am located in the same space as the server itself.  I have had one user timeout at ten minutes, so I thought I would take another look.


//Create the Replica on the Server

IGDSData gsdata = ParentGeoDataServer.CreateReplica("", ReplicaName.ToUpper(), gpReplicaDesc, replicaOptions, replicaExportOptions, esriGDSTransportType.esriGDSTransportTypeEmbedded);


//Import the Replica

ChildGeoDataServer.ImportData(gsdata, esriGDSImportFormat.esriGDSImportFormatFileGDB);



Does anyone know how to perform this action in the Help for IGeoDataServer.CreateReplica Method.  I have searched the ENTIRE internet trying to do this documentation here.


"For check-out replicas, you can also choose to replicate directly to a file geodatabase or personal geodatabase. Here the output is the replica geodatabase and therefore no import is required."


Then I could just skip the import if somehow I could cast the IGDSData object to my ChildGeoDataServer (File GDB) and not have to do that long import process.