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Question on creating new symbols ?

Question asked by progis99 on Apr 18, 2017
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Good Afternoon everyone from Colorado,


As I am working on creating new layers, add new symbols, eltcetera ,    to try and go align  with the Monarch Ski Areas...


My question to you is it legal for me to copy and create a new symbol to match with this "Welcome to Monarch Mountain" 's poster.  This poster is a skewed and is not a real world.


Now if you look at the Map Key in the poster and it is at the lower right side of the poster. What  I would like to do is copy and paste these and then creating them into a new symbols .....


What would I do is open up the pdf of this poster and zoom into the Map Key  section I showed it you above with the six on the list..

So using the OneNote and use the "Take Screen clipping" and it saves to Mircosoft OneNote:  


Then save it as a PNG file.


See here :



and add them to ArcMap  using this Creating new styles—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 


Would that work ?


Do you have any recommend before I dive into them ?



BTW, I do not see any copyright stamped on this poster and should I be concern if I do ?  Should I asked the company who created them and asked for an copy ?


Thoughts ????