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How to add WMS service to ArcGIS Online Scene?

Question asked by rowland.geoff on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by russell_roberts-esristaff

I would like to add a WMS service, specifically the BGS 1:50k UK Geological Map layers:

British geology onshore digital maps 1:50 000 scale | BGS Geology 50k — WMS | Web Map Service (WMS) |British Geological … 

e.g. Layer: BGS.50k.Bedrock (ID: 4) ,

to an ArcGIS Online Scene (3D Terrain). However, just get a 'Requested operation not supported by this service' warning.

Is there a (recommended) workflow, e.g. via ArcGIS Server, by which this can be done?

I can do this easily using CesiumJS. However, would like to be able to use the higher resolution UK 3D terrain model provided by ArcGIS Online Scenes.