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mosaic dataset cell sizes too small?

Question asked by rhughes522 on Apr 13, 2017
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I am converting some UTM rasters in meters to State Plane in feet and have a situation where the cell sizes in the referenced mosaic dataset are 0.00200207932916667.  This is very confusing to me and Calculating the Item Visibility does not change this.  I am thinking of overriding this setting with what I know the cell size should be, but it seems like something is wrong with the mosaic dataset.  The first MD is in the native projection of the rasters, I add all the rasters, build my footprint, calc stats, import a boundary, and build overviews.  The cell size is 10m.  When I create a referenced dataset and set the projection as State Plane, the cell size drops to the 0.002002 value.  I am doing an arithmetic function to adjust the cell values from meters to feet, then calc stats and everything looks good except for the cell size.  This is important because I need to export the mosaic as a single raster.  Has anyone experienced this before in ArcPro?