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how do i implement SAML single sign on

Question asked by sanarcgis on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by MBranscomb-esristaff

Hi any one please help me out , how can i Implement SAML Single Sign on concept to call ArcGiS Portal from ASP.NET Web Application.

i have already have a ASP.NET website and from this site i want redirect to ArcGis portal without any other credentials .


i have generated the token/ client in in ArcGis application portable and using this token from ASP.NET Website but always prompting ArcGis login page to provide ArcGis login details  , once providing details  it's successfully redirecting to ArcGis portal  but i want to pass my ASP.NET site credentials and automatically login to Arcgis portal without prompting again any credentials.


below code using to call ArcGis portal but don't how do i validate and pass credentials to redirect to ArcGis portable.



<a href="">Calling ArcGis Portal</a>


iJpTdInAPMaH3EL8 : My Token CLient Id

My Calling URL : http://desktop-6enj4k5:3344/webappbuilder/?id=5



help me to provide the steps or videos which i can refer  to do same , also let me know if any web service i can use in my website.