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Is there a way around to put the North Arrow on the Data View ?

Question asked by progis99 on Apr 12, 2017
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As I am working on Ski Areas on our Forest, I am putting all the layers and imagery together to my ArcMap. My question to you is that is there a way around for me to add the North star to the Data View ? I know that you can do that in the Layout View . Because in the Data View , the North Arrow is greyout. The reason I asked is because the Imagery I have on my ArcMap is hard to know where the North is.. I have the copy of that Ski Area in a PDF but it looks like it is skewed...

The person who drew it is an actually draw the area and shows where the Trails, Lifts, Parking... It does not show anything with the map scale...  It is more of "Welcome" to the audience of that Ski area.


Do you have any suggest for me to insert the North Arrow on the Data View or am I crazy to ask ? or Has anyone have done it before ?