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Layer won't load on mobile app, but works fine in Windows 10 app

Question asked by Koelker12 on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Koelker12

I'm currently trying to build a demo app for field collection using a REST service (feature server) with sync enabled, subtypes/domains, and attachments. This feature service (not locked down) is added to a web map with edit capabilities, is shared to a group, and then needs to be opened in the Collector app. 


On the moblie app, (Android Galaxy S6 Active) the map appears in my list of maps, will open, but never loads the editable layer. I have no  button for adding new data, and looking at the layers screen, the checkbox for the layer is unchecked and will not let me enable it. The layer is listed there, though. If I try and download the map first over wifi (or my cell signal, for that matter) I get an error that "One or more of the layers could not be loaded. The map cannot be downloaded." This error also occurred for over wifi and out in the open with full signal.  I tested with a coworkers iPhone and ran into the same problem, except that the map gave me an error about the layer immediately upon loading the map and said it couldn't make a network connection. It also listed the URL for the layer. 


The weird thing is that everything works perfectly fine on my desktop using the Windows (10) Store version of Collector for ArcGIS. I can add points, and all the drop-downs work correctly, add attachments, and these changes apply to the feature service correctly. It's works without a hitch. 


Any idea what's going on here? I've attached two screenshots of the app, one showing the mobile with no option to add points and another with the desktop Windows app working correctly. My mobile app is version 10.4.2 and the Windows app is 10.4.1 . 

Android 10.4.2Windows 10 App (10.4.1)