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Problems installing concurrent use license after 30-day trial installation

Question asked by nicolaisteino2 on Apr 12, 2017
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I have 20 students who are having problems authorising our university concurrent use license (CE2016) after having installed the 30-day trial version (CE2016, single use). The problem seems to be, that the system does not recognise the de-aurthorization of the trial license and therefore does not accept the shift to the concurrent use license. The problem is consistent across Mac/Windows.


Is this a known problem? What is the solution to the problem?


I had similar troubles a while ago when shifting from CE205 single use to CE2016 concurrent use, but I do no longer remember the details of how I solved it. I sat with the students for a while yesterday without being able to figure out the problem. Whenever the concurrent license no. was entered in SoftwareAuthorization, an error message was displayed saying that it was a wrong license no. for the license type in question (concurrent/single use).






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