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Image Service dynamic vs caching (10.5.x)

Question asked by rastrauch Champion on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by ejohnson

I'm currently testing/moving our ArcGIS Server 10.2.x to 10.5.x (new install).  We have Image Server, but will be keeping ArcGIS Server, Portal and Image Server on the same server.  All of this seems to be working fine.


I have a mosaic dataset and have successfully published this ("Imagery").  I have successfully created a second service ("Imagery_cached") and copied/upgraded-bundles that is using the same mosaic database but with the cache files (15 levels).  All this is working well.


I see the cached one being used to increasing drawing speed for web and ArcMap drawing, while the non-cached will be for functions and on-the-fly analysis.



  • Will there be any impact on the server if I make these just one Image Service?  (I see the analysis being done rarely on this service)
  • Should I make the cached version just a map service (with basically an empty mxd) instead?


Am I over thinking this? I'm hoping to hear others experiences and suggestions on this.  Thanks


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