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Exporting High-Res Imagery

Question asked by AlexBTOS on Apr 10, 2017
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Hi all,


I'm working through a problem that is leaving me stumped. 


I have a WMS imagery service that I use regularly. I am working on a large map, 36"48" or so. When I export a medium-quality PDF (300 dpi, Normal Resample Ratio), the PDF comes out a little grainy. However when I increase the DPI or the Resample Ratio in order to get the highest quality resolution, the image simply doesn't show up, but the legend and the vector feature class does. Same thing happens for exporting to all other file formats (JPEG, PNG, AI, etc): a medium quality setting comes out grainy, but a higher-resolution setting (like 600 dpi) makes the image disappear. But I need to export at a high setting, so that the image is not grainy when printed and framed at 36"48"... and yes, the image itself looks fantastic when blown up as its a 6 inch resolution image. See the photo below of the failed export.


What do I need to change to simply export my map at the highest possible setting? Do I need to figure out the exact DPI of the image and enter that into the export box? If so, how do I do this when the image is from a WMS?


For PDF, I can get everything to show up when I make the DPI low and the Output Image Quality high, and vice versa, but neither exported product is the original resolution. 

For JPEG, I can get everything to show up when I make the DPI 99 or less - looks okay, but it is not the original resolution.

I honestly don't care what format it comes out in, only that it looks as good in the end product as it does within ArcMap.


I went through an ESRI support ticket, but they couldn't connect to the WMS (odd considering that there are over a dozen separate entities accessing the WMS at any given time). I've also gone to the WMS provider, but they can't reproduce my issue. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Windows 7, ArcMap 10.3, Standard License


Thanks, Alex