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Deployment Strategies for Collector

Question asked by jgustine on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Scott.Fierro

Does anyone know if it is possible to sideload both downloaded map and basemap data to a iOS device for many users? Will Collector see the map as downloaded?



We are considering deploying Collector as a disconnected map viewing app to our Oil and Gas Field crews. However, having each field guy download the project would be quite challenging and not very efficient. We also have a large area of operations and would need a sizable aerial image. An Automated way to push the entire package out to crews (when on company wifi) would be the best way to go if possible. 


We have AirWatch as our Mobile Device Mgmt tool and can push out apps to Enterprise phones. Is it possible to push out both the map folder (w/ geodatabase and JSON) and Basemap (w/ Tile package) to Collector? I have tried it with the iTunes File sharing functions below. The basemaps show up, but the downloaded "On Device" map doesn't


Thanks for any thoughts or input on this.